Content Creation for SEO

My notes from Content Creation and Social Collaboration for SEO 3.2 at Pubcon.

– Do not lift content 🙂
– User friendly content and spelling and grammar count.
– High quality should be the focus.
– Easy to skim, bullet points, short and sweet.
– Stay on top of competitors are doing and stay competitive.
– Create a calendar for content creation.
– See what our clients are missing and fill in the voids.
– Seasonal content out performs than normal content – YES IT DOES – see Halloween blog post.
– Don’t buy $5 articles LOL I’ll let my competition keep doing this 🙂
– Still avoid duplicate content and Outside blogs are dangerous as its still duplicate.
– Sometimes people hide behind technology; I’m guilty of this.
– Plan for the future for business when it comes to social and content creation.
– 80% of Americans work after hours equaling and extra day per week.

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