Consistency in Marketing

Another attribute of marketing that many forget about is consistency. Consistency has nothing to do with the strategy being deployed but the repetition of the strategy.

I have seen so many small companies spend a lot of time developing workable strategies, get all the material ready and then work it for only 3 months. Why only 3 months? Mostly because the strategy is not showing instant results and the person working the strategy gets bored or forgets to keep working at it.

A lack of consistency will kill a marketing strategy, no matter what the strategy is, and a company will end of up with a bunch of idea that never worked. When talking with small business owners, when times are tight, they always say “I need a money now and strategy that is going to generate instant income”.

A business can not operate in reactive mode all the time and marketing can not always be thought as an instant solution to current financial problems. Fortunately there are ways for a small business to stay focused for the long haul.

Timeline and Schedule: During the strategy development phase build a timeline and schedule into the plan. 

Extra Large Calendar: On a excel document build a calendar that is 3 ½ feet by 3 ½ feet so the square are big enough to write in. Mark the days on the calendar when the strategy is going to be deployed. As the months move on update the calendar with the new action items and follow the plan with a strict regiment.

Avoid Pitfalls: Beware of the “it is not working” mentality and continue act. Beware of forgetfulness because this will cause the strategy to stop working.

Consistency in a marketing strategy is the key to its success and to the success of a small company. Planning for months out will help eliminate the panicked times and need for an instant solution to financial problems.


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