Authorship Ranking and Authority

Notes from Author Ranking with CopyBlogger, Stephan Spencer, Eric Engie, Jim Boykin,

– Bring traffic through good content not writing for search engines.
– If you become a likeable expert people are more likely to do business with you.
– CopyBlogger was in real estate 😀
– Links are citations; citations are links.
– Through good writing you can become an authority.
– Connect rel=author. Done and working 😀
– Many other profile identifiers that indicate authorship.
– There is a high incentive to maintain a good reputational score.
– Don’t blog just to blog; make it meaningful.
– Outsourcing blog content is not fit for human consumption.
– Google is evolving past links (won’t discount links) and into social.
– Check out Google + Ripples.
– Look for Google offer Badges.
– Authorship helps with click through rates.

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